Electric Vehicle Charging Plan (E.V.C.P.)

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The automotive industry is now moving rapidly towards its mass adoption electrification, in particular due to the tightening of the regulatory framework for emissions and the restriction of diesel vehicles. The electric ones cars are now a viable option in more and more countries worldwide. In Europe, the figures show that all Member States are showing greater readiness, compared to the past, for electric cars, although the pace improvement varies considerably. In Greece, the road to electrification is in early stage, yet evidence shows that it is making, albeit slow, strides progress. Law 4710/2020 introduced the institutional framework regarding the incentives for development of electrification.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Scheme (E.V.C.P.) lays the groundwork for the electrification in our lives, while giving important incentives to both development of the electric mobility market as well as the development of electric recharging points vehicles and concerns the location of publicly accessible recharging points Electric Vehicles (H/O) of normal or high power and corresponding seats parking lot, within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality. The E.V.C.P. form essentially the Road Map of the location of publicly accessible places parking and charging of electric vehicles, which is also the prerequisite for the development of the relevant infrastructures in Greece. With the orientation ofSustainable urban mobility, "green mobility" is promoted and consequently contributes to improving the quality of life of citizens.

SMR Consultants provides technical support services for drawing up the Plans of Electric Vehicle Charging (E.V.C.P.) with the aim of even and comprehensive location of the charging stations so that it is then possible to install a network of publicly accessible electric recharging points normal or high power vehicles and corresponding parking spaces in order to facilitate and further encourage the use of electric vehicles as a means movement. A parallel goal of this service is to provide broad information and public awareness of the environmental benefits of sustainable urbanism of movement with an emphasis on the use of electric vehicles (private cars, bicycles, public transport).

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