Corporate Profil

The company provides consulting services in the fields of planning, management and monitoring of programs and initiatives of the European Union, as well as implementation of investment plans of public and private sector entities. Moreover, the company has multiannual experience in the field of statistical research and financial analysis.

The Company’s headquarters are located in Athens and Larissa.

The development and operation of the company is based on continuous pursuit of quality and efficiency, along with monitoring and adaptation to the changing needs and requirements of the market.

The effectiveness of services to clients is justified by thelong-standing relationships, both in private and public sector in Greece and abroad. The Company combines infrastructure, human resources and integrated processes to successfully implement the projects it undertakes.


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Mission, Vision and Values

Our goal is to offer innovative and practical solutions that meet the needs of an ever-evolving social-political and economic environment, by making the most of stakeholders with tremendous experience and expertise, by creating powerful alliances with strategic partners, by training staff, developing relationships of permanent type with our clients based on credibility and emphasizing on collaboration.

Having in mind that consulting services of optimal quality are dependent on people and staff, our company places particular emphasis on appraisal and constant training of staff.

Our Company’s values include

  • Commitment towards the client
  • Respect for the client
  • Leadership
  • Reliability
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork

Human Resources

Company’s stakeholders hold degrees in various fields of studies, which have been reinforced with postgraduate degrees, seminars, rich work experience and expertise in the field of financial studies, as well as planning, management and support of complex projects.

At the same time, the company employs a wide range of external associates, including professors of Greek and foreign universities with multiannual work experience, specialised in scientific subjects in fields of strategic and business planning, development and design of new products, promotion and support of new business forms and actions that promote and enhance innovation in a local and regional context.

Company’s stakeholders and partners support the reliable implementation of each project by combining multifaceted capabilities such as:

  • versatile consulting experience and know-how
  • high level academic qualifications and thorough theoretical training
  • clear and comprehensive knowledge regarding the way that the Greek Public Administration operates and the procedures that are followed, development and function of Institutions and Programmes and European Union’s activities in general.
  • extensive experience in business research, execution of studies regarding entrepreneurship and innovation, market research, sectoral studies, financial analysis of enterprises, planning of development programs, execution of business and operational plans, project management and administration.
Technical Infrastructure

Organizational Structure

Our company’s offices operate in Athens and Larisa, creating an important network of project and customer service infrastructure.


  • Remote cooperation and teleworking systems
  • Integrated IT information system to monitor its activities in a prompt manner
  • More than 14 working positions for the staff and external associates
  • Economic and statistical packages such as SPSS, E-views, Minitab, SAS, Stat-Graphics etc.
  • Call center in our offices in Athens

Quality Control Means

  • ISO 9001: 2015 certificate
  • ISO 14001:2015 certificate